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VersuriTitlu B.o.B – Curtis Snow Speaks
Artist B, B.O.B.
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B.o.B – Curtis Snow Speaks


let’s do it man
this the real curtis snow, you know what i mean?
from the real bluff, you know what i mean?
if you ain’t heard of them you might seen snow & the bluff the movie
if you ain’t, you need to go fuck with it
it’s on itunes, it’s on netflix
it’s that wal-mart, it’s a bootleg
it’s all over the world, you know what i mean?
it’s some real shit man that need to be seen, know what i’m talkin bout?
they tried to hide this shit but we gon show ‘em
this how the shit real go in the street
you can talk about it but we live about it for real for real
fuck with my nigga b.o.b man, 100% man
d4l came to the hood, you know what i mean? shot a video for real for real
this how we do it man
one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world for real for real
b.o.b doing his thing, you know what i mean?
if you ain’t down with this shit, get ran over by this shit
you know what i mean? fuck you, whoever you is
we ballin’ out this one for real for real

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