Owl City – Speed Of Love

Owl City – Speed Of Love   I tried to disappear But your the only reason I’m floating here Eyes painted crystal clear I can see our future through the atmosphere Don’t you go, no, don’t you go Don’t you know I’m up here alone Yeah, I am like a satellite Sending you a signal […]

Owl City – Take It All Away

Owl City – Take It All Away   There was a shot in the dark, I was caught by surprise There was a hole in my heart, There were tears in your eyes And there was nothing to say, Cause you made up your mind And so I guess what you meant When you left […]

Oriente – Ideologia

Oriente – Ideologia [Intro: Chino] Tô pensando comigo mesmo… Será que Deus faz uma troca? Leva todos os “maluco” do Restart e traz Renato Russo de volta? Leva Akon e traz Bob Marley? Leva Fresno e traz Sabotage? Leva Luan Santana e vem o Bradley do Sublime? Leva Sean Kingston e traz de volta 2Pac? […]

Off Balance – Bricks

Off Balance – Bricks Never trust a fucking word you say you spin your web of lies so called friends, with bullshit alibis but now ive turnt my back. These lessons have been learned now its time to get bak on track Youll never change still the lies, still the same old shit You’ll never […]

Old Kerry McKee – Death Oh Death

Old Kerry McKee – Death Oh Death Oh death I felt your breath pass my shoulder woeful tones rising from my tongue Oh death I was born in spews and filth I am a slave neath my own skin My tongue a poisoness snake and my hands I can no more trust deceit and lies […]

Omarion – Needs

Omarion – Needs I dont need another fan To tell me they love me but they dont even know who I am I dont need another car The things and them tvs and navigation only take ya so far I dont need another crib Got plenty of space but I aint got a real home […]

Omarion – Just can’t let you go

Omarion – Just can’t let you go [Talking] This feels so good [laughs] B. Cox Omarion [Verse 1] In the beginning we were supposed to be temporary But you put that thang on me. They tryna explain to me That I should just let it be ‘Cause I’m lookin’ crazy. But I can’t be concerned […]

Omarion – In the dark

Omarion – In the dark [Spoken Omarion] Yea, all this time I been waitin’ To get you in this room alone Now you’re here its time listen [Verse One] This can’t be real The time has come For us to do our thing What I mean by do our thing is Come in and shut […]

Omarion – I’m tryin(romana)

Omarion – I’m tryin(romana) omarion vorbind: Doamne.chiar am stricat totul de data asta Dar o sa ma revansez Asculta [Primul vers:] Parca ar fi ca in zilele acelea Tu erai fata mea Cumparaturi si sarbatori Nu puteau sa ne zica nimic Acum esti departe si eu Incerc sa neg asta Dar mam saturat de atata […]

Omarion – I’m tryin’

Omarion – I’m tryin’ [Omarion Talking:] Damn, I really messed up this time But Imma make it up to you Listen [1st Verse:] Seems just like the other day you were my woman Shopping malls and holidays couldn’t tell us nothing Now your gone away and I’m still trynna deny it But I’m tired from […]