Wallop – Rapstar 2

Wallop – Rapstar 2 (Hook) Verse 1:- Who I am I don’t know anything But I know one thing Yes me Rap king God particle supersonic beam This Rap Industry Sound like Ice cream If I’m not there then fuck mainstream What the fuck is swimming pool I’m the shark from the sea You must […]

Wayward One – Undefined

Wayward One – Undefined Devided Lines Through The Night and Crossed Roads Shallow and who should I turn to choose The Undefined Lays beyond Flowers Undone Grey illusion contained the doomed [CHORUS] Hope has lost,The Faith to an end And all has been done,is gone.. The path is whole furious walks increase the edge The […]

Warden – Crank dat Chad

Warden – Crank dat Chad (Yoooouuuu!) chad daddy warden aight, im talkin bout that new dance (Yoooouuuu!) u have ta shuv up yo own ass n shit, but u know what im tryina say? (Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh yoooouuuu!) [Chorus: x2] chad warden shuv up deal dough shut da hell up, watch me roll watch me shuv it […]

Winzerfest – Braubach am Rhein

Winzerfest – Braubach am Rhein Eins, zwei, drei – gluck – gluck Hans Meschede Zwischen Rebenhügeln liegt die kleine Stadt, die mein Herz für ewig eingefangen hat. Tausend rote Rosen blühen in Alleen und ich singe fröhlich bei dem Wiedersehen. Refrain: Eins, zwei, drei – gluck – gluck, wir trinken noch ‘nen Schluck. Der Wein […]

Written In Stone – Sex in a Honda

Written In Stone – Sex in a Honda This emptiness inside me This hole you’ve dug into my chest Your work wont be forgotten Though you will end up like the rest I am not a fucking toy And who was I to think you were different? Who was I to think this couldn’t happen […]

Wawson – Nie Ma Ich

Wawson – Nie Ma Ich Patrzę przed się, widzę nic, czemu tak nie jest nie wiem Patrzę w szybę, widzę nic, widzę siebie i siebie Siebie pewien jak nikt, nigdy tak pewny że mogę Choć oczy spowił dym i wyglądają jak nie moje Pewny siebie nie mając nic a tu wszyscy mają w chuj //Mam// […]

Wazart – Invata

Wazart – Invata Te trezesti de dimineata Si parca tie greata Cand iti vine sa-ti bagi picioru’n ea viata Ca nustiu cum se face sau nustiu cum sa fie Exista si copii care n-au copilarie Si totu incepe de la voi De la varstele alea noi Unde o bere te face sa te simti mai […]

With Hearts And Poison – Endurer

With Hearts And Poison – Endurer Everything that you say is a fucking lie everything that you do It brings me on my knees Don’t you say you listened to a fucking word I said because you never trusted me Sometimes words can cut real deep Now step back and let me show you how […]

Wallpaper – Geek Out

Wallpaper – Geek Out [Verse 1 – Wallpaper.] This record, greyed over So spin it, bay over She grape jelly, my purple soda Her body tight, granola I’m from the bay… Hola! Trying to get paid, gorgonzola Geek squad, rocking coca cola Tripping now, about to fall over [Hook – Wallpaper.] I’m like outside of […]

Wallpaper – Let’s Get Away With It

Wallpaper – Let’s Get Away With It I got a stolen cop car and some dumb ideas, Yeah. Tank full of gas, Where to go from here, Oh. Break into to six flags with me, Three AM and the rides are free. When the sun comes up where do you wanna be? Well let’s find […]