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VersuriTitlu J.Reyez – Me & My People
Artist J, J.Reyez
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J.Reyez – Me & My People

(verse 1)
Let me tell y’all what MAK3R$ is, we ain’t a group but we’re better than
these rap crews, ain’t it a bitch, we killin’ y’all, no threat in it
we reppin’ with all the people that make it happen, paid dues
no ignorance, we all equal, respect the things that made you
I’m all in, no half ass, ’cause I’m trying to be more excellent
that girl there, she a bad ass and she over here, she represent
no fake friends but sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s genuine
y’all fraudulent, trying to take me down and take my money, embezzlin’
been on my grizzy, put on for the city, “Gimme The Loot” like it was no “Biggie”
I’m getting jiggy, the music’s what I live, repping the MAK3R$, I’m moving with the clique
when I spit it I’m too sick with this shit, mothafucka I threw up with a hit
dropping it like its hot, Snoop know what it is

I dedicate this for my people, surrounded by the greatest
for everything we’ve been through and we know we’re gon’ make it
the suckas gon’ hate it, they gon’ have to face it
we rising to the top and we know we’re gon’ make it
me and my people, we don’t worry ’bout the other shit
me and my people, we don’t worry ’bout the other shit
me and my people, we don’t worry ’bout the other shit
surrounded by the greatest and we’re moving like a covenant

(verse 2)
I’m killin’ this shit rest in peace to the beat, we all gotta hustle and eat on the streets
there used to be moments when I’m feeling bleak but now I’m just winning, increasing the streak
changing the flow up and learning techniques and working the sound, I keep it unique
no need to critique, didn’t ask you to speak, not close to my peak and I’m making some tweaks
I’m making some Changes, Pac influence me
you wannabe famous, stop the foolery
I was intrigued, hip hop and jewelry, as you can see what hip hop would do to me
living my life, it all just drew to me, picked up a mic and murdered the music scene
ranks, I’m trying to be above the list
I came up from those days when Jin battlin’ on 106
thanks, to all the fuck haters that doubted me
and look ma I’m in Europe, I hope y’all are proud of me

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