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VersuriTitlu Keith Urban – Lucky Charm
Artist K, Keith Urban
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Keith Urban – Lucky Charm

I was livin on a landslide
Fallin fast until you took my
Hand, now I won’t ever let you go
Let you go

Four-leaf clover and a horses shoe
Knockin on wood was all I ever knew
I’m savin all my wishing well pennies and
I got so many ever since you came along

Sunlight shinin, baby, roll the dice
Now that I got you by my side
We can’t lose
No more waitin on a shooting star
I’m betting it all on your pretty heart
Baby, you’re my lucky charm

Like an angel from the blue sky
Sent to save me from my dark side
Yeah, the light inside was fading
But I found salvation when I fell into your eyes

[Repeat Chorus]

All I know is
I got your love, I got your love, baby
Yes, I do
I got your love, I got your love, baby
Oh, I got it, baby
I got your love, I got your love, baby
Whoa, oh, oh, whoa

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