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VersuriTitlu Melaku Assegued – Rewind
Artist M, Melaku Assegued
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Melaku Assegued – Rewind

Yesterday may be glorified
But sometimes I wish I could
Go back in time
Although I’m young I feel time’s
Running out
I haven’t done what I though about
I sit in silence for much too long
Wondering exactly
What is wrong
Life has so easily passed me by
Sometimes I want to rewind

The clock hands move way too fast
In the race I am last
It’s cliché but time does fly sometimes
I’m left behind (Yea)
I want to do so much at once
Nothing ends up getting done
It’s too bad that I can’t seem to find
The button that says rewind, rewind, rewind
It’s too bad that I can’t seem to find
The button that says rewind
I don’t believe I’ve danced enough
Don’t have as many friends as I want to
I haven’t had as many girls
As people say I should have gone through
I don’t blame the clock for ticking
I just think that I could have sped ahead
Far in front of the pack I’m leading
I can only wish I had done it then…


I never thought time could fly, pass me by
I never thought time could fly, got to rewind…

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