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VersuriTitlu Mistah F.A.B. – Generation Lost
Artist M, Mistah F.A.B.
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Mistah F.A.B. – Generation Lost


Shaking my head at these games the media play
Propaganda in this news they throw in our face
How do you rate a reality if you can’t relate
What do you say to a girl 13 who’s period’s late
Who was raped a former jail inmate
That was raped by her former cellmate, Nate
Sent to prison hoping he would rehabilitate
But end up being worse than he was on his initial case
Rap videos give visuals to these cold streets
Can’t blame Chief Keef for Chicago beef
Just like you can’t blame ..and MAC or FAB
For the movement in these Oakland streets
Hopefully, I hope to see
The next generation take notes from me
‘Cause man I came from the bottom
I’m talking where the roaches sleep
To where I am right now
That’s hope to be
This generation lost
This generation lost
This generation, generation, generation lost
This generation lost
This generation lost
This generation, generation, generation lost
I’m tryini to do right but wrong so easy
Tryini do right but wrong so easy
Tryin’ do right but wrong so easy
Lie so much, when I’m right she don’t believe me
In 70s it was hell when there was smack
In the 80s it was free base and crack
In the 90s it was pills by the pack
Now in 2012 look where Molly got us at
It’s a generation lost
No identity or religion
No respect for authority
No fear for death or prison
They’ll kill you for some Jordans then forced to wear sandals while in prison
Not religious, not at all, but thanking god for True Religions
See fashion express
The death of their success
True religions and some Jordans mean that ni**a truly blessed
Without it causing stress
Nicotine causes stress
Coedine on the breath
Heart attack that caused death
21 years old
Died from cardiac arrest
Can’t donate his organs ’cause them organs is a mess
Doctors said 47 owners age they’d guess
Then they found out he was 21 and said “god bless”
Last night I cried dreaming of my mother
Woke up with tear spots all over my covers
I hear voices when I sleep and I’m in solitude
I got a letter from my brother, he in Soledad
Just found out that he is not the dead
Some real life mawry sh*t, man that’s so sad
That’s not his fault, it’s just the action of these scandalous women
Pursuing positivity but trouble avoiding sinning
Praying to god with no avail the way I’m living
My best friend in a cell in America’s hardest prison
I tried to give his daughter vision
But that’s hard too ’cause man, her father missing
And my father missing
Yeah my daddy gone
So I told her, heaven, you are not alone
We be going through it all
And I be tripping looking at pictures of mama on the wall
And that sh*t just be feeling awkward to me
‘Cause she be staring and I be staring
It’s like she talking to me
And I hear voices in my head
And it can’t be true because my mama dead
And my daddy dead
And my granny dead
And Milly dead
Is he really dead?
Are we really alive?
This shit is just what’s going on inside my mind
Just trying to bring some type of positivity
So hard with all that negative stuff going on
No matter what
Just gotta keep living
Gotta keep pushing

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