Issues – Tears On The Runaway Pt. 2

Issues – Tears On The Runaway Pt. 2 (feat. Nylo) What if I was wrong and jumped to conclusions Cause the chance of losing you was all too dangerous So I just assume that you’re doing things before you get the chance So I can leave and feel like I’ve got the upper hand Guilty […]

Issues – Personality Cult

Issues – Personality Cult Fuck the voice of a generation I just want to be who I am No one can change your gunman? I’m content with where I stand So fuck the voice of a generation You can stand on your own two feet No one cares from across the nation Sing my songs […]

Issues – Stingray Affliction

Issues – Stingray Affliction Show me what you’re worth Get up Facedown, thinking out loud He’s so hardcore when he’s running his mouth There’s always gonna be that fucking guy You got a few things bottled up Jump on a couple bottles like double dutch Jager got you faded when society’s got you jaded How […]

Issues – The Langdon House

Issues – The Langdon House Coming out of my shell again No one’s there, let’s pretend to See a girl and a boy standing next to me And at this party I’ll pretend For a moment I just might have friends The chimes of them dancing to break free I’ve got to cut the chains […]

Issues – Life Of A Nine

Issues – Life Of A Nine Heart broken, throat is swollen Street walking, loss of hope Fresh wounds, old scars you’ve chosen Thirsty for a taste of youth She’s a motherfuckin’ five living the life of a nine And thinking that she’s a bad bitch, chick is a savage Eatin’ the bullshit of every player […]

Issues – The Settlement

Issues – The Settlement Until death, used to mean something more Than a proverb framed on the walls of a broken home Closed doors can only hide so much Pacing through this hallway, I listen in disgust As you divide my mind and force my years into minutes Destroy the hands of time, the hands […]

Issues – Late

Issues – Late Yeah I would wake up next to you if I could And I would stare straight past them all to you I could never say it like I sang it Drunk tally, cause we’re fading But I’ll be, I’ll be, But I’ll be the first to say You could be my mistake […]

Issues – Mad At Myself

Issues – Mad At Myself I’m so mad at myself For giving in to what I want, never again That feeling we felt We called it love, you called it off And I never been so mad at myself I got this old girl I know she’s trying to play me She’s like a Honda, […]

Issues – Sad Ghost

Issues – Sad Ghost Standing in front of this bed with some matches, watch it burn I’ll pray my body burns too Why do, I do the things I do Things I do And did it blind you, blind you That you are the only one who can see what I’ve done Eight years just […]

Issues – Disappear (Remember When)

Issues – Disappear (Remember When) Remember when I didn’t need you? Well I need you now To hold my head Up high, say it’s all better child Remember when Some days I feel like a saint I’m so alive Some days I can’t make it enough It’s like I have no spine Can’t do anything […]