Tonight Alive – Complexes

Tonight Alive – Complexes Are you embarrassed of me? You say that you’re proud, but only when I ask ya Are you embarrassed of me? Go on and say it out loud, you know I see right past ya Oh, you always seem to let me down. Why can’t you be more like me? You […]

Tonight Alive – The Fire

Tonight Alive – The Fire Patiently I was waiting Just waiting for this day to come To say how much I hated Those days, yeah each and every one But I made it out alive I’m here to say I breathe at least I try I won’t go without a fight You can’t stop me […]

Tonight Alive – The Other Side

Tonight Alive – The Other Side I was back in high school when We were talking late from 10 Staying up till 3 AM Just friends You didn’t have your license yet We would lie under sunsets Without a single worry yet Just friends And you would let me dry your hair I thought about […]

Tonight Alive – Hell And Back

Tonight Alive – Hell And Back Been trying to laugh it off I wrote down a thousand songs Wish I could say the things I wanna say out loud But you said, “I don’t know you, I don’t know you anymore.” No… And my girl, she said, “Shake it off. You won’t breathe till you […]

Tonight Alive – Lonely Girl

Tonight Alive – Lonely Girl Lonely girl you lost the only thing you loved Nothing that you have is ever good enough And I wont be the one to keep you safe And I wont be the one who stays the same You got a lot of nerve and Looks like the tables turning And […]

Tonight Alive – Don’t Wish

Tonight Alive – Don’t Wish Though nothing’s changed on my end Yet you think I’ll just give in I know the game, I’ve been there Come back and claim that you care You say it’s always been you We both know that’s far from the truth I know it’s cold and lonely But I’m not […]

Tonight Alive – The Ocean

Tonight Alive – The Ocean I feel heavy, I feel weighted And I feel hungry, I feel wasted Oh, I can’t put my finger on my feelings Put my ear to the ceiling, where is that coming from? Where are you coming from? I’m just waiting for the walls of my insides to come clean […]

Tonight Alive – Come Home

Tonight Alive – Come Home Spinning around I’m weightless Leaving it now just taste it It’s begun We’ve come undone now Spinning and I am free here Giving it all to be here I’m the one Will touch this sun Oh oh ohohoh Oh oh ohohoh We’re so close Oh oh ohohoh Don’t let go […]