Shakira – Spotlight

Shakira – Spotlight Boy meets a girl Hid behind a wall Piling up the bricks Hoping they would fall Girl meets a boy Surrender to his charms Leaves her old boyfriend And crumbles in his arms And if they wanna make me pay now Then go on Cause loving you was never wrong Here is […]

Shakira – Cut Me Deep

Shakira – Cut Me Deep (feat. Magic!) Why do you say things If you do not mean them Why do you fill up my wounds With your dirt Bullets of fire This time I can’t shield them Santa Maria, I know how it hurts ‘Cause you cut me deep Your words are like steel And […]

Shakira – Empire

Shakira – Empire Take off all of your skin And brave when you are free Shake off all of your sins And give them to me Close up, let me back in I wanna be yours, wanna be your hero And my heart beats Like the empires of the world unite We are alive And […]

Shakira – Can’t Remember To Forget You

Shakira – Can’t Remember To Forget You (feat. Rihanna) [Shakira:] I left a note on my bedpost Said not to repeat yesterday’s mistakes What I tend to do when it comes to you I see only the good, selective memory The way you make me feel yeah, you got a hold on me I’ve never […]

Beck – Say Goodbye

Beck – Say Goodbye See the sleet that rests upon The quiet street we’re standing on Is it time to go away And try again some other day? ‘Cause these are words we use to say goodbye These are the words you use to say goodbye Bones crack, curtains drawn On my back and she […]

Beck – Heart Is A Drum

Beck – Heart Is A Drum Free as a driving wheel Circling around your iron will See only what you feel Keeps you turning when you’re standing still You tried to run from trouble when it comes You followed the drum keeping time with everyone High as the light of day You’re falling down across […]

Alessia feat Pavel Stratan – Vorbe letale

Alessia feat Pavel Stratan – Vorbe letale lyrics As vrea sa fac totul sa mearga Iubirea pura este tot ce ne leaga Nu ma pot lupta cu mainele goale Nu mai am arme pentru vorbe letale Alessia: E vina mea Nu esti tu vinovat c-am vrut eu sa cred in minciuna ta Dragostea… e vecina […]

The Fray – Shadow And A Dancer

The Fray – Shadow And A Dancer Hello old friend Do you remember when We would float on the summer wind And fall back to earth again Hello love Remember that touch That skin on skin rush Sweeping after both of us Like a shadow and a dancer We were looking for the answers Keeping […]

The Fray – Wherever This Goes

The Fray – Wherever This Goes We could slow down Waste away in this town Standing on the sidewalk Watching this parade Or we could get out Pack our suitcase right now Find ourselves a bus stop, Make our own way! Cause it feels like I’ve been here forever Afraid to beat my father, and […]

The Fray – Break Your Plans

The Fray – Break Your Plans I wish I had cheated At least that’s a reason I’d understand why you’re leaving now We both stopped breathing It could not last I guess I’m just afraid to ask But what if you don’t? What if you stay and… Break your plans tonight Lay your hand in […]