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VersuriTitlu The Confounded – Before You
Artist T, The Confounded
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The Confounded – Before You

Your love took me by surprise
Hit me right square between the eyes
And I didn’t even know
What to do

Said things that I still regret
Can’t get you out of my head yet
I’m still doing my best
To hold on to you

I wish I knew what love was before you
I wish I knew what love was before you
I wish I knew what love was
Cause I’ve seen what the hurting does
I wish I knew what love was before you

Can’t say what you mean to me
Cause your nowhere now that I can see
It’s like you’re just up and gone
Without a trace

Should’ve taken you for who you are
But your love was just a fading start
And I’d give anything to see your
Smiling face

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