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VersuriTitlu Usta – Blessed
Artist U, Usta
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Usta – Blessed


Word to GOD…
Thank you for the life I live…
I’m blessed…


I aint possessed I’m blessed (x16)
I’m blessed (x16)


My lifes at a halt whos faults that?
I cant stop gotta move like a volkswag

hold that faith flow with a passion
fire in the eyes in my zone when I’m smashn

beats in a tick of the hands on the clock bra
bop to the amps nonstop with an occa

chopped to the days light J’s on the bop-bus
blazed as I rock to the beat never stop cuz..

anxiety wont go away so I pray to the Lord
just to get through a whole day

I wanna be with the girl of my dreams
but I cant Dear God shine light on my world please

sick of being alone, better yet I’m stressed
they say that I’m blessed yet I’m always depressed..

feel like another rope to the neck
will it take away the pain? if so its a yes…

sleepless, I’m at war with my demons
lock eyes with the hawk on my celing

soft-side got tears in my eyes
cause I’m sick of wiggin out lad I’m losing my mind

stay marked with the stars on my hands
in the dark on a track give my heart to the fans

U-S-T-A to the R
lad I said every bar comes straight from the heart

live my life knowing I’mma die soon
bless tracks when I flow like a typhoon

stay fly words rush like a cyclone
verse in the sky chillin in my no fly-zone

give a fuck what you think about me bra
hellraizer walk wit the reaper

till I come bak, bump tracks thru ya speaker
stay fresh from the head to the sneaker


I aint possessed I’m blessed (x16)
I’m blessed (x16)

(Verse 2)

Come back with a rap so fat I’mma need lypo
know me I’mma *PSYCHO*

rhyme so crazy rush through the mainy
foot to the floor fingers up to the ladies

*WAIT* that aint me nup I’m a gentleman
flow like a veteran fucked off ADRENILINE!

straight thru the veins vibe straight to the brain
mind up in the clouds see thru the pain

look down on a world so cold
I’mma ride till I die watch my life unfold

untold like a journey thru the nightsky
loose cunt got it locked when I rhyme tight

look into the eyes of a straight out blessed cunt
angel on my side, demons scatter under pressure

look into the eyes of a straight out blessed cunt
angel on my side, demons scatter under pressure


I thank God for this rap flow
HOLY SPIRIT run straight up my backbone

hairs on my neck stand, blessed with the energy
a born sinner with a frame so heavenly

I came in this world, wriggled out like a centipede
1995, made friends with the enemy

LUCIFER, I stay stressed till I rest
take my life not my soul I aint posessed I’m blessed…

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